We help you get, maintain and process hail jobs.

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System Features

Get Hail Jobs

Get auto hail repair jobs from us and we will help you process them as well.  We keep the customer up to date so you don’t have to.  Simply use the app as intended and we will notify our customers of progress and pick up the vehicle when your shop is done with repairs.

Process Hail Cars

Use the system to help you keep your shop running smoothly.  We use state of the art technology to streamline the sales, repair, management of any sized hail jobs.   From retail to wholesale.  Process vehicle with ease and keep everyone in the loop automatically.

Sales, Customer Support, and Repair Process. 

We are an information database systems that helps you get hail cars and process them with ease no matter where in our network it came from.  Keep in touch with the necessary people about jobs progress and the end user will also be informed at key stages of the hailrepair process.

We keep a steady flow of retail/wholesale cars

At the push of a few buttons you can let us know that you are ready to take on our retail wholesale jobs.

We Are Old School

We pay like technicians should be paid and we make sure you are going to make what you could make 10 years ago if you stick with our program.

Your Work At A Glance

We bring cars to hail experts and help them process them.


But we keep things stupid simple!
We send you a car
You update the app when received & checked in.
You update the app when you started working on it
We keep all parties informed that need to know the stage.
when the vehicle is in parts/detail you update the app
Upon completion we come and pick up the vehicle.
We come pick it up and pay you for your work.

Two ways to get paid:  1: Receive a reduced percentage to receive instant payment upon completion or wait 2 weeks to get your agreed upon percentage.   Rates will vary based on the volume you can handle and what volume we are able to send you.

There is no other company doing things like we do.  You can even schedule sublets like glass, or Electrical, Vehicle reset,  upholstery repair right form the app.

Our processing system functions on all major devices.  Android, apple, Windows, or any other web browser.  We notify you whenever vehicles are in need of repair and you can either drive and get it or you can opt to help pay for a vehicle runner to do so.

Cant do your own R&I? well no problem, we can help you with that.
Need help estimating and dealing with insurance?  We got you covered!
Detailing, windshields, glass, scans and any other sublet is a couple of clicks away.

Jumping into retail does not have to be difficult.  We are here to help!

We can send you cars and help you every step of the way.  If you need help with estimates, don’t worry…We got you!  Our app will help you keep organized and keep seamless communication with any parties in the need to know about the stage of any particular hail job.

We pay above industry standards and provide an insane amount of support.  First time doing retail or a large deal?  We can help you with that.  I’ve been in the industry for a very long time and I’m a tech at heart too so your art is much appreciated here at HailDo!  We are a technician centric hail sales company with a process system and support that no one else will ever offer.

Our app will keep track of vehicle runners, sublet workers, sales crews and vendors so that everyone will be in the know about the details of the job that pertain to them.

Get direct one on one support with estimating experts,  vehicle process management, insurance adjusting help and much much more.

Don't Go Out There In The Retail Market One Your Own!

Let us help take the stress off of getting and processing large number of hail cars per year no matter what hail storm you pick to be at.

Need Auto Hail Repair?

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